Depileve Wax Products

Depileve European Gold Hard Wax

European Gold Hard Wax is a low temperature application with a creamy consistency. Ideal for extra-sensitive skin!

This wax is made with natural pine rosin, natural beeswax and lanolin.

NO Strips required!!

Available in 14 oz can and a 2.2 lb tray.


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Depileve Tahiti Stripless Wax

Applies like soft wax, removes like hard wax, Use on all areas and re-apply, if necessary, causing no irritation, New “extra film” wax is a unique formula created by combining Pine rosins with Cocoa Butter and Gardenia Flower Extract, This product is 100% organic, Heats on low temperature and applies thin, like film, similar to strip wax formulations, Tahiti formulation is lustrous in appearance with an Aqua opalescent color and a gentle Gardenia fragrance, Great for Brazilian waxing and other delicate areas; will leave area soft, smooth, and moisturized, Removes entire root with no stubble left behind, Can use when hairs are still short.

Available in a 28 oz. economy size and 14 oz. standard size


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Depileve Lavender Oil Rosin

This lavender rosin is blended with the natural healing oil of Lavender, Titanium Dioxide and Mica. It has a rich thin consistency and is a blue pearl color. Gently removes hair and is perfect for delicate areas, large or small. Leaves skin smooth and soft, Perfect for sensitive skin.


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Depileve Bronze Wax For Men

Bronze wax specially formulated for tough, thick hair.
Contains salicylic acid to prevent ingrown hairs and Ginseng to revitalize and repair skin.


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Depileve Non-Woven Roll

3″ x 55″ yards Non-Woven Roll. 50 meters.
Makes waxing and hair removal much more easier.


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Depileve Non Woven Body Strip

3″ x 9″ Non-Woven Body Strips., 100 per pack. Makes waxing and hair removal much more easier. Use to remove hairs from legs, hands and all body parts.


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Depileve 7 oz. Prebase

Use before waxing to cleanse the skin.
Removes make-up, body oils, deodorants and/or any other substances that may interfere with the waxing process. Enriched with Hamamelis Extract, Menthol and Camphor.


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Depileve 7 oz. Soothing Cream

Apply cream after hair removal to prevent allergic or inflammatory reactions. The neutral color cosmetic base evens out skin tone and reduces redness. Also can be applied thick and left for the skin to absorb. Enriched with Chamomile and Aloe Vera.


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Depileve Easy Clean Citric Equipment Cleaner

No-stain, no-rinse formula for fast and easy removal of wax from warmer, floors tabletops or clothes. Do not use on skin. 35oz.


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