If you’re tired of constantly shaving your legs you’re not alone.  Instead of shaving you may want to consider removing hair with Depileve Wax.  Depileve Wax is a salon quality hair removal wax system that can be used at home.  Depileve is easy to use and provides excellent results.  The wax formula is made from natural ingredients that moisturize the skin so even those with sensitive skin can use it.

The most impressive thing about Depileve Wax is that it’s easy to use.  Simply heat the wax and apply it with the special plastic wand.  Then use the special strips to remove the wax along with the hair.  Strips come in two sizes so you can use them on any areas needed.

You can use it on any area of the body where you want to remove hair.  The system has small sized strips that are perfect for use on the upper lip as well as on the bikini area.  Larger strips are perfect for legs.  You can also remove hair from arms, face and back – anywhere there is unwanted hair.

Once you remove hair with the Depileve Wax system it won’t come back for weeks.  The hair is removed with the root leaving you with smooth skin. When you use Depileve Wax you’ll have the smoothest, softest skin possible.  The wax contains special emollients that keep your skin soft and moisturized.